About Us


The Grand Rapids Press was right about Randy Bassin, President and Founder of Global Force Productions. After most of his career was spent in the tech sector, Mr. Bassin found himself pursuing the use of technology to express the profound artistic talents of his creative services team. Randy said, “I have felt for years that technology has been under-serving its audiences in quite mundane ways. Finally, we have begun using talent and technology to tell stories in new ways!”


After 36+ years of teaching acting and 117 theatrical productions under her belt, it is a pleasure to have Susan directing Global Force's current productions. Before her teaching career, Susan was an actor hoping like so many other "green" performers to make a name for herself in the theatrical field. While attending CSFU she began teaching piano to work her way through college and discovered her love for teaching, so it was a natural transition into teaching drama. Her career has enabled her to train a great number of talented, successful people in the entertainment field, from Broadway actors, to screen writers, designers, film makers, and an array of theatrical artists and technicians. Susan's own growth as a director / teacher / coach has both matured and mellowed over the years and now with the retirement of one career, she happily began a new one with Global Force Productions.