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West Michigan Production Company is a Film Festival Finalist
For Immediate Release
April 28, 2009
Contact : Randy Bassin
Int'l Tel/Fax : 616.825.6247

Grand Rapids, Michigan - Global Force Productions, an International production company specializing in 3D animation and visual effects, based in Lowell, Michigan, has just been awarded 3rd Place in the Short Film category at the Appalachian Film Festival for its first animated short film, "A Night At The Office".

"A Night At The Office" is an international collaboration of an India-based animation team with US writers, musicians, directors, and production teams. Together they bring screenwriter, Randy Bassin's modern day parable to life. A contemporary "Peter and The Wolf", this short film visually and musically delights animation fans of all ages.

While the story touches on what we trade off from our lives for our careers, the film also takes on a darker side as it explores the quirks of a typical office as both live action and animated characters. The opposing characters will take you through twists and turns before resolving the central issue, "What are you willing to trade off for your career?"

Some unusual cinematographic techniques have been used in the movie including the combined live-action and animation.

Randy Bassin, the President of Global Force Productions and Executive Producer and Writer of the film is amazed how well the creative collaborations worked that resulted in such an entertaining movie. "We used film studios in West Virginia, musicians and production teams in west Michigan, and 3D animation teams in India.", Bassin said. Global Force uses its own production teams and business partners in Michigan and India to position itself to offer visual effects and 3D animation production work as a highly creative and competitive alternative for its customers.

Global Force Productions has entered "A Night At The Office" in more than a dozen domestic and international film festivals this year including west Michigan's own Waterfront Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Tokyo Filmex, and SIGGRAPH 2009.

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